Heath Killen is an artist, writer, designer, and consultant based in the Blue Mountains, Australia. 

He works with people to create brands, campaigns, publications, exhibitions, and new products that contribute meaningfully to culture, community, and ecology.

In the last little while he has curated a museum exhibition from the future, built a regional creative community, taken people on a walk through Blue Mountains history, brought the magic of Hollywood to Surry Hills, created Australia’s #1 design magazine, and delivered mind expanding stories to people every Monday morning. 

His art and curatorial work has been exhibited at Watt Space (Newcastle), Platform Gallery (Katoomba), Hotel Hotel (Canberra), & Blue Mountains Heritage Centre (Blackheath).

Heath is currently journaling his life and work at The Territories.


Rainbow’s End
Molonglo Group

Our Grand Canyon
National Parks & Wildlife

Mtns Made
Blue Mountains City Council
2016 — 2018

In Wild Air
Heath Killen Studio
2016 — 2018

Golden Age
Right Angle Studio
2015 — 2018

On Land
The Territories
2015 — 2018
Niche Publishing
2012 — 2014

Platform Gallery
Kelly Heylen
2017 — 2018

New Weird Australia
Stuart Buchanan
2014 — 2016

The Long Paddock
New Landscapes Institute

Left Bank Co.
Michelle Tabet

Cultural Centre
Blue Mountains City Council
2016 — 2018


Phone: +61 414 69 75 40
Instagram: heathkillen
Twitter: heathkillen


Images & Words by Heath Killen
Photography by Ona Janzen
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